Discovering mindfulness amidst
the turbulence of life.


Where do we turn to find respite from the hyped-up frenzy of life in South Africa? How do we let go of holding our breath?

In seeking these answers, Di Smith’s journey took her along a winding path of self-help books and spiritual texts to where she eventually discovered the heart of mindfulness. This has become her compass for navigating her through 

turmoil into a kinder, lighter and more gentle space.

In this book, Di shares her personal stories of living through the trials and tribulations of a country she deeply loves.


In the beautiful tapestry of these pages, her wisdom and insight mindfully point out a clear path to guide us through the
messy reality that is everyday human life.



A Lighter Way of Being is a collaboration between author Di Smith and conceptual photographer Ker.

On average, more than fifty thousand thoughts pass through our minds every day. With so many thoughts passing through our heads, how can we remain clear? So much of our lives is fuelled by our imagination which can lead us into suffering.


Being in the present takes all illusions away. Life is in constant motion, changing, moving, nothing permanent and always in flow, like the watercourse of a river. With total focus on the present, such as in meditation, or writing poetry, music, dancing, or losing ourselves in the beauty of nature, we 


go with the flow, floating in the river of life without struggling or trying to swim upstream. 


In this book, the text is Di Smith’s awareness of whatever is in front of her. By contrast, the photographs in this book are Ker’s artistic ability, fired by his imagination, which is random, magical, absurd and inspiring.


These contrary forces interact to form a dynamic balance between imagination and reality — tangible opposites, symbolized by yin and yang, which resulted in the manifestation of this book.


Ker (pronounced ‘Care’) is a self-taught fine art and conceptual photographer from South Africa best known for his otherworldly images. Using surreal photography to craft alternate worlds, rooted in reality, he explores the beauty and pain of human existence, the transient nature of identity and addictions.

You can find his work here:

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