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Every one of us has the unique capacity to understand, accept, and love ourselves and extend this light to others. This state of being can only be realized through meditation.

No amount of imitating the example set by others, or following societal norms, or adhering to worthy rules and rituals, can free us from the illusions of ego created through the mind.


Through non-judgmental and alert attentiveness to our own thoughts, emotions and actions, we bring awareness to our unchanging and undisturbed center. It is here, through alert awareness, that we have the capacity to see life as one great adventure, a blissful journey, delighting in every step, making the whole of our life a meditation.

This journey of self-discovery is absolutely unique to each individual but the core truths remain the same for all of us.


Meditation has been a daily practice in my own life for many years, and has resulted in my living a richer, more meaningful and creative life. Ultimately, my own path in embracing meditation has drawn me closer to finding peace, joy, love and compassion. I am now devoting much of my time to teaching mindfulness through guided meditation.


 You too can benefit from mindfulness.


Guided Meditations offered by Di

The Courageous Heart, 5-part Guided Meditation with Di 

Audio | 5 part meditation series suitable for beginners & experienced meditators

These are uncertain times you and I are living through. So many structures and foregone conclusions are shifting, collapsing or breaking apart, showing the true unpredictable nature of life. All we know for certain is what is happening, is happening, in this present moment. The Courageous Heart, a five-part guided meditation, provides a pathway to opening the heart, giving us the means to step through our anxiety, anguish and fears. By training in mindfulness, the pendulum of our emotions settles, we live from the heart, bringing more joy and pleasure into our daily lives and finding tranquillity within.

Sunlight & Shadows 21 Day Guided Meditation with Di 

Audio Gift | 21 meditations suitable for beginners

I have called this series of meditation, Sunlight and Shadows because we all have times when life feels good and times when we find life hard. It is easy to handle the times in our lives when we are joyful or walking in sunlight but how do we handle those times when we are walking in shadow, how do we handle the anxiety, the pain of those dark times? The answer lies in training our minds.


I offer these 21 guided meditations as a gift, with love.

Although I have meditated on my own for many years, I was unsure of how to go about teaching mindfulness. I have based these teachings on those of Joseph Goldstein, Dan Harris and Thupten Jinpa. I am deeply grateful for their guidance imparted through their books and online.


I would also like to acknowledge those whose personal journeys, practical advice and wisdom have guided my own path to a deeper understanding of self-awareness.

These sessions are a testimony to the profound teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh,  Osho,  Michael Singer, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Steven Harrison, The Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Rob Nairn, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Deepak Chopra, among others.


I am truly grateful that through their wisdom and leadership I am able to guide others along an inward journey to a richer, more meaningful and creative life.

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