A Lighter Way of Being

I have been asked the question: Why did you decide to write A Lighter Way of Being?

If I was to have made a patch-work quilt outlining my life then woman, wife, mother, grandmother and home-maker would be woven in as the primary features. Also embroidered into my life quilt would be my broader family and friends, writing, gardening, business, yoga, meditation classes, daily exercise, social obligations and their pressures, and the fulfillment of my heart’s desires.

How on earth could I possibly establish an inner peace, a state of grace, in this hustle and bustle of everyday life? How could I carry out my obligations and activities to the best of my ability and maintain a tranquil inner core? How could I remain balanced when life’s forces tend to tug at me to pull me off center?

In my many years of seeking the answers to these questions I have come to understand that inner harmony comes through moving away from the world into solitude and silence.

I have learned that inner harmony takes time to develop, through growth. Just like love, it cannot be bought or forced. It is a flowering which comes about through time spent alone. There is a quality to being alone that is incredibly precious. Solitude and silence connect us to our core, nourishing the internal spring that is inclined to run dry through the frenetic pace of today’s world.

I have found that when I am connected to my own core, I also connect to others. I am able to live from the heart and treasure the true value of living in the here and now.

With South Africa as the backdrop, A Lighter Way of Being is a sharing of some of my own experiences and insights of living in the chaotic, unfamiliar and forever changing landscapes of life.

A collaboration between best-selling author Di Smith and fine-art

photographer Ker,A Lighter Way of Being is a contemplative and

poetic journey to the heart of mindfulness with South Africa as

the backdrop. Through a tapestry of prose, heartwarming memoirs

and art, Di shares her personal stories of living through the trials

and tribulations of a country she deeply loves.

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