The first exercise in the training of mindfulness.

In teaching mindfulness meditation, we focus on the breath. Why? The breath is always with us, from the moment we are born, to the moment that we die.

We simply become aware of the sensations of the breath as they present themselves. Cool air coming in, warm air going out… allowing the breath to follow its own natural rhythm. This is the first exercise in the training of mindfulness. As you breathe in, know that you are breathing in. As you breathe out, know that you are breathing out.

When the mind wanders, which it will, or gets lost in a thought or carried away on a daydream, and you become aware that the mind has wandered, simply reconnect with your breath and begin again. Breathing in, know you are breathing in…. Breathing out, know you are breathing out….

Sunlight & Shadows, a 21 Day Guided Meditation by myself, is offered as a gift to anyone who wishes to access a more peaceful and joyful life. Click here to get your free audio download.

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