A collaboration between best-selling author Di Smith and fine art photographer Ker Stanley, A Lighter Way of Being is a contemplative and poetic journey to the heart of mindfulness with South Africa as the backdrop. Through a tapestry of prose, heartwarming memoirs and conceptual art, Di shares her personal stories of living through the trials and tribulations of a country she deeply loves.


This book is now available in eBook format, complete with the original accompanying artworks.


“It was such a pleasure reading the book. In fact, I read it twice to savor the beautiful stories of caring and compassion, but most of all the way in which you shared the stories. They were unpretentious and authentic. In this sense it is a call to all fellow South Africans irrespective of their stories or their past to start caring for each other in ways that symbolize our common humanity. If we do this, we will be building our nation.” - Rama Naidu, Founder of 6 Degree Shift - Shifting minds to fit purpose


“A stunning Zen gem.” – Louis and Chrissie van Loon, Founder of The Buddhist Retreat Centre


"This book is radiant with love. Full of courage, compassion, gentleness, genius and generosity. It is a gift for those who read it. Antony Osler - Zen monk, author and legal practitioner


“We underestimate the power we have as humans to transform our planet. When we are true to ourselves, our relationships, live with Ubuntu, respect and love, our collective energy can remodel the way we live in the world. Di Smith invites us into the simple and authentic way of being. - Nosipo Mgojo, Director of Venn’s Attorneys

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