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With the Foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, You’re Awesome is about overcoming adversity and embracing life. It is about love, compassion and friendship. It is about communities standing together and how through the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which defines the core of what it is to be human, we can all lead happier and more fulfilling lives. It is a book for people who want to transform their own lives and influence the lives of others around them.

I have a firm conviction that we are made for goodness out of goodness. But how do we achieve goodness when it becomes buried under our faults and failures?

We all have choices. We can live a life of significance or move on from this world without having achieved our full potential. We are created to be so much more than we realise. Through our choices we can let the lure of things that are not wholesome turn us away from the goodness within us, or we can make the choice 

to act on our deep-rooted knowledge of that which is good. In this book, Di Smith has woven the timeless wisdom of great thinkers together with practical steps drawn from her own everyday experience.


If we have the will and determination to change for the better, we can apply these to transform our own lives and influence the lives of others around us as we live into the goodness which is our essence.

- Foreword by  Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu



Living by the philosophy of Ubuntu can help each one of us live happier and more fulfilled lives, creating harmony not only in our own lives but in the lives of those around us.

Ubuntu is a common theme that threads it way through the pages of the book You're Awesome – Living a Fulfilled Life.  You're Awesome provides you with the wisdom of how to harness the concept of Ubuntu and apply it in your life.


This book is the fruit of my own nearly 60 years of life experience and includes many of the lessons that I have learned from the world’s greatest philosophers and spiritual leaders.


Although I grew up under apartheid in South Africa, my childhood was free. I roamed our farm and explored the countryside. I grew up with love and respect for nature, our different cultures and the people of this country.


One early morning in 2006, I was driving on my own into the Shongweni Valley in Kwazulu-Natal. I had been pondering on the challenges that faced South Africa and what I could do to help my country move forward into the democratic future that was the promise of 1994.

An idea came to me with an emotion so over-whelming that I pulled off the road and cried. Since then I have been amazed and deeply grateful at what has unfolded in my life. Writing a book which I have titled You’re Awesome has been part of this journey and shows how the simple, daily practice of living into our goodness can dramatically alter our lives.


This country is home to two of the wisest and most widely respected of today’s leaders, former South African president Nelson Mandela, and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. We could have no finer examples before us, and I have attempted to infuse a little of their wisdom – and their magic – into the pages of my book.



Terrence (Mzi) Mtola is an amazing photographer who truly captures the essence of what South Africa is all about. Terrence manages to capture the beauty of our people and the magnificence of our country as few others can. The foundation of his photography is the deep-rooted respect and love for South Africa which is seen in the images he captures.


Mzi is the man who created all the images in You’re Awesome. Based in East London, this lensman with a “thing” about coffee is equally at home photographing a Springbok Rugby match or a Jazz diva in a smoky joint or a full-on production at the State Theatre. It is few photographers that can make you “feel” what a country is all about. Terrence manages to capture this beautiful country in a way few others can.

View his photostream on Flickr.

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